Solway & Tyne
Texel Breeders Club


17th Jul 2020

With the sales being either cancelled or restricted, we have developed  an On-Line Sale facility for members to advertise or sell their sheep privately through our website 
Members can sell up to four sheep with individual details, including pictures, videos and pedigree information OR a group of sheep e.g. shearling rams for sale with pictures and details.

The cost will be £10 per advert and the adverts will be rotated regularly and remain for four weeks. Intimation that the sheep have been sold will the accuracy of the site and members can renew their advert if required,
Anyone with sheep they wish to advertise on the website should send the following details to the Secretary Fiona Sloan at [email protected]  for posting:- 

1. Pictures and/or videos of the sheep. 
Pictures should be at least 800 pixels (mobile phone pictures are generally fine). Videos should be uploaded to you tube and the link sent.

2. General description including price if you would like this added.

3. Full ear number of the individual sheep. This is not required for groups of sheep. 

All sales are strictly between vendor and purchaser and any disputes which arise will also be strictly between vendor and purchaser. The sales are hosted without any prejudice to Solway and Tyne Texel Sheep Breeders Club or The Texel Society 

Go to our SHEEP FOR SALE page for further details and and advert example.