Solway & Tyne
Texel Breeders Club


Forty Five years of success

The Texel breed, following its introduction into the country from France in 1974, has grown to be the most prominent terminal sire in the UK today. The foresight of the breeders who initially founded the Texel Society, saw the possibilities of a breed, which would become pivotal in the UK sheep industry.  Those breeders, many of whom still support the breed to this day, were instrumental in promoting a breed, which could be shown in the ring at both shows and sales “in its natural state.” The intention, to ensure a level playing field for anyone who wanted to become involved with the Texel breed, a rule which has stood to this day.
The Solway and Tyne Texel Breeders’ Club, was originally set up in 1983, to bring local Texel breeders together. The club covers Cumbria, Dumfries and Galloway and Northumberland.  Since then, members have, joined from all over the UK, allowing them to sell at one of the largest Texel sales in the Country as well as joining in the social life that the club brings to its members.   With a current membership of nearly 400, there is a waiting list from outside the immediate area to join, due the club’s popularity. 
Since those early days, when Sandy Grant was the first Chairman ,the club has grown with the support of many committees over the years, who have helped it thrive through their passion and enthusiasm for the Texel breed.  
“Committee meetings are always held in good humour.” says the current secretary Fiona Sloan.  “The committee work very hard to ensure that the sales and club activities are always successful.”
The long-term relationship between Harrison & Hetherington Auction Mart and the club, has ensured that the club works for the benefit of the members and the Society and whose support has always been well received by the club.  
From an annual one-day sale, the main sale has grown into a two-day show and sale. The addition of a second sale, aimed particularly at the commercial buyers and a female sale in December, has ensured that all vendors and purchasers are catered for. 
It has always been a priority of the club to support and encourage young and new members, to ensure the continued success of the breed in the Solway & Tyne area.  Progeny Shows, social and technical evenings, Club visits and a well-supported Flock Competition, combine to encourage members to come together as often as possible.